Douve (trio)

dance trio & music for chamber orchestra and electronics


With the dance trio Douve, the choreographer Tatiana Julien, the composer Pedro Garcia-Velasquez and the writer Alexandre Salcède venture into the field of poetry in order to offer a sensitive reading of the collection Du mouvement et de l’immobilité de Douve by French poet Yves Bonnefoy.

The Douve project arises from the desire to liberate dance from its language by taking the path of writing, itself on its way to free itself from the shackles of conceptual thought. Rather than a mimetic transposition on the stage, the performers offer the spectator landscapes and poetic moments imbued with textures, colors, musicality and the universe of Bonnefoy’s work.
The stones collapsed on the heat of the hearth, the ashes dispersed by the wind for years. At the memory of its flame, the sad heart wavers and is alarmed, wandering on a land deserted by any center. An aurora seems to be dawning up there, behind the black trees. But no – it’s still at night, still the night before.
Behind all this black, something sparkles, like a red woolen thread hidden in the snow. Meditating on death, on the decomposition of bodies, without the ancient hope of the glorious resurrection, something however prevents the world from tumbling completely into nothingness. This safe walk over the ravines of death, this life of the spirit which is not afraid of the thought of disappearance but draws its source from it, it is nothing other than fear, that the anguish, that the vision of the closed horizon of existence, but crossed right through by the rhythm.
It is this invisible thread that holds the dancers in their dizzying races, this thread that dresses them in the warm stuff of the earth where their quest will end. A furrow is dug under their uncertain steps, in crisp snow like broken bread, where the bed of a possible river is established.
The only hope to straighten the lost being – the crumpling of a pleated dress for wading, a note launched from beyond death. The only joy under so much debris, under so many ruins – to have eyes full of flowers.

Alexandre Salcède


creation / premiere
• February 8 et 9, 2013 – Festival Faits d’hiver, Atelier de Paris – Carolyn Carlson / CDC, Paris
on tour
• March 27, 2013 – Festival Les Incandescences, Les Journées Danse-Dense, Théâtre Berthelot, Montreuil
October 16, 17 & 18, 2013 – Centre National de la Danse, Pantin
• October 19, 2013 – Festival C Comme Ça ! of L’échangeur CDC Picardie, Château-Thierry
• November 19 & 20, 2013 – Le Safran, scène conventionnée d’Amiens in cooperation with L’échangeur CDC Picardie
• January 29, 2014 – Festvial Art Danse Bourgogne, Dijon
• April 5, 2014 – TPE, Bezons
• November 22, 2014 concours reconnaissance, La Rampe, Echirolles (20 min version)


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