Choreographer and performer in A whole Night

Performer in AFTER

Anna Gaïotti is a dancer choreographer, musician poet, based in Paris and Brussels. For several years, she has engaged her performance work, her body, her voice and her poetry in a close relationship with music, alone or in collaboration. Coming from the visual arts, she turns to the question of the body with fashion and then performance, which leads her to dance. Writing has been around for a long time, and charges its creation and its designs. She created the diptych Rbel fter m heart and Annus in 2013 at the CNDC in Angers, then joined forces with Katerina Andreou in the duo Manège vs Rbel fter m heart. In 2016 she created Plus de Muse Mais un Troupeau de Muets (2016) solo for which she collaborated with guitarist Nina Garcia. The choral piece PALSEMBLEU with the musician Thibaut de Raymond premiered in April 2018 at the Ménagerie de Verre.
She dances for the choreographers Mark Tompkins, and Phia Ménard. Since 2014, she has choreographed and performed for the works of Amélie Giacomini and Laura Sellies. She has also worked with Véronique Aubouy, André S. Labarthe, Meg Stuart… She has performed on experimental and improvised music stages in France, Belgium and Japan, and is part of the group Vierge noir e with Léo Dupleix and Sigolène Valax. She co-organized the Indigo Dance festival at PAF from 2014 to 2016, and gives workshops.
Her poetry is published by L’Echappée Belle.