collaborator in Uprising (Soulèvement)

Performer in Turbulence

After obtaining his state diploma in psychomotor therapy in 2004, Sylvain Riéjou decided to become a dancer. He then joined the COLINE company in Istres and then the EXTENSION training at the Center for Choreographic Development in Toulouse.

Since 2007, he has performed for choreographers Olivia Grandville, Nathalie Pernette, Tatiana Julien, Sylvain Prunenec, Didier Théron, Aurélie Gandit, Geisha Fontaine and Pierre Cotterau. He also works under the direction of directors (Roméo Castellucci, Robert Carsen, Coraline Lamaison) and visual artists (Boris Achour, Clédat and Petitpierre).

In addition to his job as a performer, he trained in video editing by himself and made dance videos. In 2010, he participated in the Danse Élargie competition and his video Clip pour Ste Geneviève was presented there again in 2012. This same year, he joined the Transform course as choreographer, directed by Myriam Gourfink, at Royaumont Abbey. In 2015, he signed the choreography of the play UBU , directed by Olivier Martin Salvant at the Avignon Festival. Between 2013 and 2016, he was in research residency at the Théâtre de L’L in Brussels, directed by Michelle Braconnier. During this period, he explored choreographic paths allowing him to tilt his body from the real space of the set to the virtual space of the video, and vice versa. A way to offer the body the advantages of these two spaces which open up different and complementary paths of movement.

In 2017, he created his first solo: Mieux vaut partir d’un cliché que d’y arriver . He is currently working on the creation of a new solo: Je rentre dans le droit chemin (qui comme tu le sais n’existe pas et qui par ailleurs n’est pas droit), which deals with question of nudity in dance and with which he wishes to continue his video-choreographic exploration of the act of creation, by exposing on the stage his intimate questions.