Performer in AFTER

A circus practitioner from the age of 10, his first experiences of cabaret and the stage with circus companies (Les mauvais Esprits, les Zampanos and le cirque électrique) brought Florent Hamon towards the performance of images, body and fragility. After studying audiovisual media and some time spent studying at the Sorbonne University, he joined the ex.e.r.ce training in 2007 which was co-directed by Mathilde Monnier and Xavier LeRoy at the CCN of Montpellier. Florent has worked as a dancer (“No one’s land” by Yann Leureux “Bad Seeds” by Laure Bonicel and “Duel” by Anne Lopez and choreographers Tania Carvahlo and Mathieu Hoquemiller). In parallel, he developed personal work around the performance concerts “MontÂgne” in 2006 and “Ball” in 2008 in collaboration with Nele Suisalu. As of 2008, he has collaborated with the Les Choses de Rien company and created «Mouvinsitu» an audiovisual and performative project at the crossroads between dance, circus and cinema. This research resulted in a series of short films linked to an installation as well as the creation of a choreographic piece entitled «Bienheureux sont ceux qui rêvent debout sans marcher sur leur vie”, an invitation for the audience to share a mental journey in a labyrinthine construction. In 2013, he met the Dromesko Theater with whom he still collaborates.
He is a regular choreographer and director: La Compagnie Amare (directed Quizas), Les Bourgois de Kiev (Two be // et si nos ombres pouvaient parler) en Cirque avec Pier Georgio Milano (Pesadilla and White out) and with Valentina Cortese (Lento).