Performer in AFTER

Trained at the CNR of Toulouse and the CNSM of Lyon, Sidonie Duret has worked with Konrad Kaniuk (Essais) and Maud Blandel (Touch Down). In 2016 she collaborated with Paola di Bella
on the improvised duo Poney Pocket. In 2011, she founded the Collectif ÈS with Jeremy Martinez and Emilie Szikora. Together they created P’Lay’s (2011), Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobie* (2014) and Jean- Yves, Patrick et Corrine (2017).
In 2017, she was invited to perform in 10,000 Gestes by Boris Charmatz / Musée de la Danse, then went on to collaborate with Olivia Grandville on a re-run of A l’Ouest (2018).