Performer in Turbulence, Initio et La Mort & l’Extase  

Benjamin Forgues joined the CNSMD of Paris at the age of 15. Graduated in 2007, he enters the Conservatoire’s Junior Ballet.
Between 2008 and 2015, he worked for Cie & co (Camille Ollagnier): « Sub Rosa » ,« Proskénion » and « À rebours » as well as with Emilio Calcagno « PIC » and « Comète Comix », « Les vertiges d’Hitchcock » and for the Cie Nans Martin & Mathilde Rondet « Entre Ciel et Pierres » and « Vie Vent ». In 2009, with the Talent ADAMI Dance group, he danced « Aimez-vous Schubert? » and «Figure(s)» by Serge Ricci. That same year, in Japan, he took butõ dance lessons with Yoshito Ohno and participated in the Contact Improvisation Festival in Japan.
In 2010, he joined the collective of choreographers PARC and created « Echoes » (Quartet) and « Soubresauts » (duet with actress Sylvie Peteilh). The following year he obtained his teacher’s degree in contemporary dance after his pedagogical training at the C.N.D in Lyon. In 2012, he participated in the creation of Tatiana Julien « La Mort & l’Extase » and worked with the GUID, company of Angelin Preljocaj.
In 2014, he co-founded in collaboration with Charlie-Anastasia Merlet La Compagnie Les Gens Charles. Together they create « La gêne et la joie » (creation 2015) « A poils et à chaleur »Anatomie de l’ennui » (creation 2016) & « See you Soon » (creation 2018). In parallel choreographing, they set up video projects in the form of a collection of clips.
In Toulouse, he is an educational speaker for students at the Institut Supérieur Des Arts in Toulouse (training at D.E) & at CDCN, La place de la Danse.
More recently Benjamin danced in the creations « Initio » & « Turbulence » by Tatiana Julien / Cinterscribo as well as with Hervé Chaussard / The Will Corporation in « The Game », « Love Project » & « Mystik ».