Scenographer of AFTER

A graduate of the Decorative Arts Academy of Paris, Julien Peissel quickly turned himself towards the world of performance, developing an active and raw scenography, close to the plasticity of a building site, far removed from the concept of theatrical sets. Explosions, destruction and chaotic machinery became recurrent elements of his work, which he developed alongside Vincent Macaigne with whom he created Je suis un pays, Hamlet, Friche 22.66, L’Idiot and Requiem. His approach to scenography embraces many aspects such as light, with the construction of luminous objects, the use of materials recycled from construction, accessories and machinery in order to visually explore a complete universe, most often inscribed in the creative process as a dramaturgical element. In dance, he has collaborated with Marion Lévy (Les Puissantes, En somme, Dans le ventre du loup) and recently with the collective La Horde. He also produced film sets for Vermilon Souls from Japanese director Iwana Masaki and the scenographies for Julie Bérès (Soleil blanc, Orfeo, Le petit Eyolf), Stéphanie Chevara (Kroum l’ectoplasme), Claude Buchwald, Ricardo Lopez Munos (Home sweet home, Wonderland éléments, Comment je me suis fait avaler par un boa alors que je dormais paisiblement), Maurice Bénichou (Ce qui demeure), Jean-Noël Dahan (La Rimb), Catherine Gendre (Amnia). He has also worked as a lighting designer at the Opéra Bastille since 2001.