Performer in Turbulence

Lise Vermot was born in 1977 and currently resides in Brussels. She began her training at the Epsedanse school in Montpellier. She then made her professional debut as a dancer in the Didier Théron, Michèle Murray and Voie E companies. In 2006, she began training at the Center for choreographic development in Toulouse where she discovered different worlds and aesthetics that confirmed her taste for improvisation, experimentation, performance work and multiple diverse collaborations. Subsequently, she performed for the A. Buffard, Vlamprodutions, Divergence, H. Iratchet, F. Ramalingom, O. Grandville, B. Tchomanga, N. Santes, D. Wampach, T. Julien companies.

In parallel she developed her many other passions such as becoming an Ayurvedic massage therapist, shouting love songs into a microphone and playing the electric guitar in the performance group Les Craves (a trio of female bombers that are not musicians), produces and plays cinema-concerts, exhibits photos, installations/videos in different places and contexts between Belgium and Switzerland and performs as DJ Gravier by invitation and in collaboration.