Collaborator on Uprising (Soulèvement) et Turbulence 

Baptiste Joxe is a general manager and light designer for various projects in the fields of music (experimental, improvised and contemporary), dance, and performance.

He specializes in collective, multidisciplinary and in-situ projects, notably with the Sonic Protest, Crack and Density festivals, at Le Générateur and the Saint Merry church and with the Leidesis (Impact Quartet), Lovalot (Anna Gaiotti) companies, C’Interscribo (Tatiana Julien) and Structure Couple (Lotus Eddé Khouri and Christophe Macé) as well as the multidisciplinary artist Violaine Lochu.

In his light creations, marked by extended temporality and minimal devices, he sets up electronic objects and other light accessories and decorations whose assumed presence opens up scenographic possibilities and interpretation bias on the part of artists.