Performer in Initio


Brigitte Asselineau studied Graham, Limon and Nikolaïs techniques with Christine Gérard before joining the CNDC in Angers in 1980 directed by Alwin Nikolaïs. With Anne Koren, Jean Pomarès and Ruth Barnes, she studied the Cunningham technique. She performed for Christine Gérard (1982-2001), Daniel Dobbels (1983-2009), with which she co-founded the company De L’entre-deux in 2000, Odile Duboc (1991-2011), Nathalie Collantes, appreciating long-term collaborations to deepen each choreographic language.

Brigitte Asselineau gives an important place to teaching and transmission to professionals and amateurs (CN-D, La Rochelle Conservatory, National Art School of Cergy-Pontoise, CCN de Belfort and Tours, CDC Toulouse, Coline, Paris 8, APCC …). By invitation of the Ministry of Culture, she choreographed a variation for the Technical Aptitude Exam.

Since 2006, she has established a new collaboration with Serge Ricci. She dances in Je n’ai pas voulu mourir, Des arbres sur la banquise, Au bord de l’oubli and L’aire du temps. In 2008, she obtained a DMDTS grant for an educational research project entitled Tissage et parentèle. From 2009 to 2014 she was in long-term residence at Art Danse CDC Bourgogne. She has been an artist associated with Quinconces-L’espal (Le Mans) for 6 years. She has signed many pieces for amateurs at L’espal in the last 15 years.